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Fundraising Program

Fundraising can be as easy as grinding coffee beans. Seriously, forget about the traditional headache-inducing methods that make you feel like a pestering salesperson. Visit our partner company, MavinCoffeeCorp. and see what we have to offer.

Killer Benefits

The great thing about the DG Fundraising Program is that you’re just replacing a product most people already use in their homes, a great coffee!


You are in control

 Any of our coffee flavours and roasts can be used for the program. We will work with you to customize your fundraising program.

Piggy Bank

Profit margin

While it is up to the individual group what they charge for a bag, your group could earn between $5 - $7 per bag.

Photo 2023-10-03, 1 21 18 PM.jpg

 Customize packaging

Have your pictures, team logos or other graphics on the packaging at no additional cost.

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How it works?


The program can run one of three ways.

*A group can order a set amount of coffee upfront that they plan to sell.

*You can have individuals collect orders for a while and submit an order at the end of your fundraiser.

*Or, new for this year, you can run your fundraiser online with a custom web link for supporters to order from.




Now that you've decided to order from our horror coffee shop, it's time to select your coffee flavour and tags.

Please choose from our devilishly delicious coffee flavours and add custom tags to make your order even more personal.


Support your cause

After we receive your order, we roast our specialty beans and ship them to you within three weeks. Then get ready to enjoy the hauntingly good flavor of our coffee.

​-Coffee orders MUST be paid for before being shipped to you. Payment can be via e-transfer, PayPal or Cheque. Receipts will be provided.-

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