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Fundraising is never easy. You feel like you’re bugging family and friends to buy something they don’t need, spend hours collecting disgusting bottles, and with some fundraisers, you have to buy product up front and hope that it gets sold, and if it's not, you're stuck with boxes of chocolates etc.

The great thing about the DG Fundraising Program (formerly The Cadet Coffee Program) is that you’re just replacing a product most people already use in their homes, with a great coffee, and the benefit to your group is much greater than chocolate bar sales or a bottle drive.

Why Fundraise with Deadly Grounds?

- The program can run one of two ways. A group can order a set amount of coffee that they plan to sell OR you can have individuals collect orders for a period of time and submit an order at the end of your fundraiser.


- Customized packaging. Have your pictures, team logos or other graphics on the packaging at no additional cost.


- Any of our coffee flavours and roasts can be used for the program. We will work with you to customize your fundraising program.

- Quick turnaround. Upon receipt of your order, coffee is roasted and shipped to you within 3 weeks.


- Profit margin. While it is up to the individual group what they charge for a bag, we recommend $15. Of this, $9 per bag is submitted to pay for the coffee and $6 per bag goes to your group. Shipping will be calculated at the end of your program and charged accordingly.

- Coffee orders MUST be paid for before being shipped to you. Payment can be via e-transfer, PayPal or Cheque. Receipts will be provided.

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