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Deadly Grounds's Never Sleep Again 12 Pack Coffee Pods Keurig 2.0 Compatible contains an extra caffeinated medium roast, a blend featuring 2 parts light roast and 1 part full city, creating a unique coffee with a rich and bold taste profile, delivering a distinctive flavour experience.

Combining the light roast's brightness and the full city roast's depth results in a well-rounded cup with heightened complexity. In terms of flavour, you can anticipate a dynamic fusion of vibrant acidity and nuanced sweetness from the light roast, complemented by the fuller body and deeper, caramelized notes characteristic of the full city roast.

This blend strikes a balance that elevates the overall taste, offering a bold yet nuanced cup that caters to those who appreciate a more robust and intense coffee experience. Moreover, the increased ratio of light roast in the blend contributes to a higher caffeine content compared to a typical medium roast, providing an added boost for those who seek a caffeinated kick in their morning brew. This coffee blend is designed for individuals who enjoy a bold flavor profile and desire a bit more caffeine intensity in their daily cup.


Bean Origin: Peru and Brazil
Tasting Notes: Caramel / Nutty / Velvety
Roast Level: Medium/Dark

Never Sleep Again - Extra Caffeinated Medium Roast 12 Pack Coffee Pods K Immorta

C$14.95 Regular Price
C$13.46Sale Price
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