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Diversity & Inclusion

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Welcome to the delightfully dark realms of Deadly Grounds Coffee! We are proud to scream from the rooftops (figuratively, of course, we are a bit busy brewing) that we are an LGBTQIA2S+ supported brand 365 days a year. We wear our rainbow with pride and joy, embracing the diverse tapestry of identities that make up our wickedly awesome community!

At Deadly Grounds Coffee, we believe everyone deserves a seat in our cauldron... I mean, table. That's why we're thrilled to carry our fang-tastically delightful Transylmaniac roast! Not only does Transylmaniac help us spread the love of coffee, but it also allows us to support a cause we are truly passionate about, as one dollar from each purchase goes to supporting Rainbow Road, an LGBTQIA2S+ charity. Because at Deadly Grounds, we brew up acceptance, inclusivity, and a whole lot of sass.

So, grab a cup of Transylmaniac, sip on that rich blend of coffee and compassion, and join us in raising a deadly toast to love, diversity, and the caffeinated wonders of the world.

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