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Deadly Grounds Black Christmas Special: Festive Delights with Lynne Griffin.

Meet Lynne Griffin at Deadly Grounds December 9th 1pm to 4pm

Get ready for a spine-chilling Christmas celebration! Join us at Deadly Grounds Courtice Canada on Saturday, December 9, as we dive into the world of the cult classic film "Black Christmas." And guess what? We have a special guest - Lynne Griffin, the iconic actress from the original movie!

"Black Christmas" is a Canadian Horror film initially released in 1974. Directed by Bob Clark, this chilling masterpiece follows a sorority house terrorized by an unknown assailant during the Christmas season. The movie is well-known for creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, its intelligent storytelling, and its innovative use of horror tropes.

Lynne Griffin: Bringing Clare Harrison to Life:

Joining us for this extraordinary event is Lynne Griffin, the actress who portrayed Clare Harrison in the original "Black Christmas." Griffin's memorable performance as one of the sorority sisters caught amid the horrifying events of the film has left an indelible mark on horror movie enthusiasts worldwide. Meeting Griffin provides a unique opportunity to hear firsthand about her experience bringing this iconic character to life, and potentially purchase some of her handmade and autographed Black Christmas ornaments.

Lynne Griffin scare talking on a red phone with a violent night poster in the back

Located in the heart of Canada, Deadly Ground Courtice is the perfect setting for this chillingly festive encounter. Known for its eerie ambiance, this venue will transport you into the "Black Christmas" world like never before. Prepare yourself for a night filled with surprises, laughter, and maybe even a fright or two - all in an atmosphere that captures the essence of the holiday season.

Indulge in devilishly delicious treats and sip on delightfully eerie drinks as you explore the eerie ambiance of Deadly Ground Courtice, Canada. With Lynne Griffin by our side, we are primed to make this a night to remember, all while basking in the presence of a horror movie royalty.

hand holding Deadly Grounds Coffee Cup with a christmas tree in the back

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